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“It was the party that never ended. Where a night could last a week. “Dan Montgomery shares memories on his latest record. For this he uses his phonographic memory, as he calls it. Through the music, his memory links this to the correct period in time. He remembers the year Super Freak dominated the radio. The song evokes associations that year that Rick James scored his monster hit. I can tell Dan that my memory functions similarly, especially when it comes to my childhood. With music from that period, I remember not only artist names, but also the titles of their albums, or lyrics.


With Trick of the Tail from Genesis I go back to that one girlfriend, whose last name has not been remembered. At Coney Island Baby remember in me a discussion with a namesake about Lou Reed’s lyrics. Nowadays my ready music knowledge of current artists is selective and unfortunately evaporates quickly. It works the way the brain works. A visual reminder often works wonders. Smoke and Mirrors is Dan’s sixth solo album and will be released in early April, except in downloadable form, exclusively as LP (with a download card of course). He emphasizes that it is a concept album that he has struggled with for years, especially to pay attention to the physical cover, the liner notes and lyrics. A lot of energy and love has been put into this project.

I experience Smoke and Mirrors as his most varied record to date. In terms of executive style, he is far from his debut Man From Out of State. That was more of a Singer Songwriter Country Folk record. An album that was mostly acoustic, carried by guitar and vocals, and further decorated with accordion, harmonica & strings. On the other hand, that current multitude of styles is not so strange when you go through his oeuvre. Dan once recommended me to listen to the music of The Dream Syndicate – a tip I’m still grateful for. Before working under his own name, he worked in considerably strong rocking bands. Smoke and Mirrors contains Soul, Rock, and whatever the shape, the heart is in the right place. I am a fan of Dan’s music, so perhaps somewhat predictably I recommend listening to him.