As we continue work on our new album, we have released The Phenobarbiedoll EP exclusively on Bandcamp which besides the hit title track, contains 4 more songs you may have missed along the way with new mixes (Dig those horns on “Gotta Go” !) and the first digital appearance of “Come in Here” which was released on a 45 only a few years back. Tune In, Turn On, Turn Up !

  1. Phenobarbiedoll
  2. Gone – 2021 Remix
  3. Gotta Go – 2021 Remix
  4. Come in Here – Originally 45 only. First time available digitally
  5. Crack Home – 2021 Remix

Baby Your Luck’s Running Bad


I wrote ‘Baby Your Luck’s Running Bad’ recently. When it was finished I was pretty sure I’d written a song for a woman to sing. A woman like Barbara Stanwyck in Babyface. Like Dorothy Mackaill in Safe in Hell. Determined, driven to get what’s hers. Maybe best summed up by Jean Harlow in Red-Headed Woman who uses her sexuality to raise her social standing. The kind of woman that if she somehow appeared in It’s a Wonderful Life would prefer Pottersville to Bedford Falls. When Susan asked me to be a part of this edition of Library Girl the same week I wrote this seemed like some Post Hays Code Happy Ending, but sometimes it really does work out like in the movies. Thanks to Robert Mache’ for technical wizardry.”

AIRPLAY on Little Steven’s Underground Garage

Dan’s new single “Phenobarbiedoll” is  the HOTTEST new platter being spun over at Little Steven’s Undergound Garage channel on SiriusXM radio. You can order your copy at Bandcamp Phenobarbiedoll | Dan Montgomery (

Coming this Spring

The Phenobarbiedoll EP with new songs and rarities !!

Ten songs, one story, two views, no regrets

Vinyl ($15.00 plus $2.00 shipping.)

There’s only 300 copies of this album on 180 Gram vinyl, beautiful gatefold sleeve and a download card that includes the artwork, lyrics, credits as well as the music. All copies are hand numbered by Dan !

MP3 Album


Press Release + Reviews



(Fantastic Yes Records)

“…we reached this weird combinationof The Collins Kids and Foghat…which should not have worked but there you have it… It was an album full of surprises…”

Release date: May 26th 2017

“Sure as the Sun goes down over the Mississippi, Dan Montgomery makes great records. Gone‘s one of the best, bubbling over with give-me-more guitar tones, gorgeous production and real, honest to god songs”
Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer

Memphis Americana stalwart Dan Montgomery returns with his fifth full length album GONE.    A raucous record of disorientation, lost love…and eventual acceptance…all with a walloping  back beat ! “It’s really not about heartbreak or relationships so much as it’s about that moment when you look around and wonder…What the hell just happened…and where you go from there” says Montgomery “Luckily these are not all my stories!”

With the opening one – two salvo of “Gettin Up” and the title track it’s clear that this is no hum & strum sub Blood on the Tracks, GONE is the breakup album you can dance to.

Written and recorded  with his Memphis based band (Robert Mache’ – guitar vocals Jeremy Scott – Bass  James Cunningham – Drums and Candace Mache’ – vocals), the same band that played on 2014’s acclaimed Sin, Repent, Repeat. “I got my electric guitar out of hock” says Montgomery about the more rocking collection of songs on the new album. “Seriously” he continued, ” I write to my rhythm section more than anything else and James & Jeremy can bring the big beat . I brought a new song in every Monday and we’d bang it out a few times and sure enough we’d have a take. It was all very brash and immediate and that’s certainly reflected in the song selection.” While there are several drop dead gorgeous ballads like “What Am I Here For” and the closing “A Little Tear”(presented in it’s original demo form the day it was written), the meat of this album is in it’s rock and roll heart. “With the penultimate track “Gotta Go” we reached this weird combination of The Collins Kids and Foghat…which should not have worked but there you have it… It was an album full of surprises”

GONE was released on May 26th and was followed up with an east Coast tour starting June 8th and culminating in a Philadelphia Record Release Show at World Cafe Live. “Touring with the full band(plus special guests along the way) is my favorite thing to do ” says Montgomery ” and we’re really firing on all cylinders right now. There’s gonna be some barn burners on this tour for sure !”.